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A One-Stop Stick for Your Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

* Multistick that can be worn on eyes, cheeks and lips
* All products are free of petrochemicals and silicone
* Infused with food-grade ingredients that are good enough to eat

Bite Beauty has emerged as one of the newest and lauded beauty brands in the past five years. It is one of the more unique brands in the marketplace, as they primarily specialize in products for your lips. All their lip products are handcrafted one at a time to provide nourishing, restorative benefits. The Multistick is one of their latest products that goes beyond the lips using an innovative formula that is weightless with high-performance coverage.

The Multistick is a time-saver in a lipstick-shaped tube that applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless color application. The beauty of this product, as the name infers, is that it is multitasking and can be applied with your finger or a brush to your eyes, lips and cheeks.

With 35% powder in each Multistick, this silicone-free formula creates a soft-focus finish that’s blendable, breathable and buildable. It features 18 universal shades for the eyes, lips and cheeks that compliment all skin tones and are formulated for use anywhere on the face.

While Bite Beauty is lip-focused, the brand’s main charge is producing universal products with all organic ingredients. Each product you purchase is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates, free of petrochemicals and silicones. Bite’s formulations are infused with food-grade ingredients and are so clean that their mantra is, they are good enough to eat.

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