Blackheads Be Gone: The Best Skincare Products to De-Congest Pores

how to clear blackheads
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* Get blackhead-free skin with these decongesting products
* Includes traditional peeling pads, healing clays and a pore-sucking device
* These are great ways to keep your skin looking clean and full of life

No one wants to have oily, blackhead-filled skin or enlarged pores. Fortunately, there are products that will help unclog your pores, reduce pore size, and clear blackheads once and for all. Each of these well-reviewed items will help promote clear and smooth skin. Whether you prefer hand-applied creams, cleaning patches or electric suction devices, there’s an answer for everyone who is prone to blackheads.

1. Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub

By removing oils from your T-zone, this concentrated baking powder scrub exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores, without over-drying it. All you have to do is add the scrub to water to activate the deep cleaning action. Apply once every couple of days to enjoy clear and radiant-looking skin.

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2. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Marketed as the world’s most powerful facial, this top-rated Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay delivers a deep clean for your whole face. The natural calcium bentonite clay is also free from additives and works hard to clear dirt from your pores. As an added benefit, you can use the clay all over for a whole-body deep cleaning experience.

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3. Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear

The Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear is a cult K-beauty product that includes a three-step kit for removing blackheads and dead skin cells, while tightening up your pores. Each of the 10 included sheets has a step for opening your pores, a second step that removes any blackheads and a final step to help minimize the size of your pores. 

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4. Majestic Pure Charcoal Mud Mask

This pure charcoal mud mask offers plenty of skin-enhancing benefits. The mud works to draw out dirt, oil and other pore-clogging substances out of and away from your skin, leaving it feeling clean and refined. The mud mask is suitable for all skin types, and has the additional benefit of helping to rid your face of unsightly skin conditions like acne.

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5. Humane Clarifying Toner

Using a reformulated, fragrance and paraben-free formula, this clarifying toner helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin. It also contains acne-fighting salicylic acid to help accelerate cell regeneration. Meanwhile, the green tea promotes firmer skin by stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation.

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6. BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Dermstick for Pores

The Dermstick is a handy stick-sized device that can easily be taken wherever you go. Its popularity comes from the ability to dramatically reduce the noticeable appearance of your pores without causing any irritation to your skin. The clinically-proven mix of pumpkin seed extract, glycolic acid and tea tree oil, along with numerous other ingredients, can be used at bedtime to pinpoint and treat your enlarged pore areas.

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