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These Body Washes Are Guaranteed to Wake You Up While Keeping You Clean

A great men’s body wash, while maybe not the sexiest item in your grooming arsenal, can make all the difference. You want one that provides a deep clean but also leaves you feeling energized and uses as many naturally-derived ingredients as possible.

There are body scrubs out there that exfoliate while they clean, but sometimes you want something with a little more punch to it. We can all use as much help as we can get when it comes to casting off that morning fog when our alarm goes off, and the best energizing body washes do just that.

The best energizing body washes do all the things you expect a body wash to do (clean without drying out your skin) but with the added benefit of getting you one step closer to full alertness without adding yet another cup of coffee to your routine. Maybe, with the right energizing body wash, you can even get enough done during your day to hit the gym after work. Or maybe you’ll just beat the 3 p.m. drowsiness, which is a win in and of itself.

In the interest of getting you to your best as soon as possible, SPY has rounded up the best energizing body washes on the market, any of which will make your morning shower as invigorating as it is refreshing. As with most products, your preference will likely depend on the kind of scent you’re looking for, so we’ve included a wide array of options.


1. Disco Invigorating Body Wash


When we tried Disco’s products, we found that its energizing body wash left our skin feeling soft and smooth, while also lathering well and cleansing effectively. Disco’s body wash is made with aloe, horsetail and chamomile. As for the scent, it’s a vibrant eucalyptus that will provide a pleasantly pungent scent among all that steam.

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Image Courtesy of Disco

2. Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash for Men


Baxter of California’s body wash is a premium option, made with an emphasis on natural and hydrating ingredients, including aloe, vitamin E and jojoba oil to hydrate and refresh. This scent is “citrus and herbal-musk essence,” but there are other fragrances available.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash


Brickell is one of the leaders in the men’s boutique skincare market, and they’ve long emphasized natural ingredients and unique fragrances. This option is made with healing and hydrating ingredients like aloe, jojoba oil and tea tree oil. The formula has a refreshing mint fragrance, giving you an awakened feeling in the morning or a clean feeling before bed. And you can feel good about using it because it’s made from 97% natural ingredients.

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4. Harry’s Body Wash


Harry’s has quickly staked its claim on the men’s products market, first with its razors and now with its line of products. And the Harry’s Body Wash delivers both a satisfying lather and a scene that never overwhelms. When it comes to waking the hell up, we recommend the”cool, fresh, citrusy” Stone scent.

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Courtesy of Harry's

5. Method Body Wash Energy Boost


Cruelty-free and biodegradable, Method Body Wash Energy Boost is infused with citrus, ginger and sea buckthorn for a soft, moisturizing bathing experience that will leave you energized to start your day. Plus, the bottle is made with over 50% recycled plastic, so you can ditch the guilt about using a bottle right along with your grogginess.

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Courtesy of Target

6. Jack Black Turbo Wash


Jack Black’s Turbo Wash is a two-in-one hair and body wash. This energizing body wash contains rosemary and eucalyptus to help support immunity by reducing bacteria on the skin’s surface, and juniper berry helps to detox the body and assists in post-workout recovery. Sulfate-free, this dual cleanser is ideal when used in a warm shower before exercise to help loosen muscles, open airways and awaken the senses. And after a workout, it offers a deep clean, refreshing and soothing to those tired muscles.

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Courtesy of Amazon

7. ESPA Energizing Bath and Shower Gel


ESPA harnesses the power of aromatherapy with its Energizing Bath and Shower Gel, offering bathers a gentle, naturally foaming gel infused with its Energising Signature Blend. And you don’t get much more stimulating than the combination of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary found here.

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Courtesy of ESPA


8. Dove Go Fresh Energize Body Wash


There’s a reason we love orange juice in the mornings (hopefully pre-brushing our teeth): There’s nothing like a sharp citrus scent to clear away the cobwebs. Dove Go Fresh trades on that power with its energizing body wash, giving you a nourishing, moisturizing gel that brings grapefruit and lemongrass into the tub.

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Courtesy of Amazon

9. Kiehl’s Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser


You can’t go wrong with a Kiehl’s product — and that’s true of its wake-up body wash in grapefruit scent. You get all the great benefits of Kiehl’s plus smell like a perfect summer day? No better way to wake up than that.

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Courtesy of Kiehl's

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