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Guys, Get Ready For Swim Season With This New Brazilian Bod Treatment

* Summer is just around the corner — prep time starts now
* This treatment is a body exfoliator and mask all in one
* Reveal glowing, smoother skin with daily use

You know the saying that summer bodies are made in the winter? Well, even though we are a few months out of winter, it is still prime time to stop what you are doing, start paying attention to your bod and start getting it ready for summertime.

To the rescue is Sol De Janeiro, the maker of the delicious smelling

and lip butter, with their newest creation, the Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub ‘N’ Mask.

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Image Courtesy Sephora
Image courtesy of Sephora[/caption]

This is a unique, first of its kind formula for the body that works double duty as a daily exfoliating scrub and detoxifying treatment mask all in one. Bod buff is packed with three different types of natural physical exfoliating agents: semi-precious Brazilian quartz crystal, which will help amplify energy and thought while gently exfoliating the skin; tropical volcanic pumice which is a natural rock that will help reveal the softest layers of your skin; and rice grain to encourage natural skin turnover to immediately reveal glowing skin.

Once the exfoliating part has finished, you can choose to keep the scrub on and use as a detoxifying body mask. Made from Amazon River kaolin clay, it starts right away, working to remove impurities. The clay is infused with negatively-charged particles that bond to positively-charged toxins for an intense purifying effect.

The result is super-soft, clear and smooth skin that will be begging to be revealed by the time summer rolls in.

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