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A Fragrance By Any Other Name Would Not Smell As Sweet

* Rose-scented perfume from Parisian fragrance brand, Byredo
* Notes of Turkish rose petals, raspberries and pepper
* Made in limited quantities

Few things reveal your taste level better than the scent you choose for yourself. What does it say about you if you’ve splurged on sophisticated shoes and luxurious accessories, only to accent your new pieces with a generic vanilla spray from the mall? The details make all the difference.

Turn up your nose at cheap musk or fruit-scented fragrances and reach for something with a little more subtlety and distinction this month. Our pick: the “Rose of No Man’s Land” eau de parfum from Parisian fragrance brand, Byredo.

With top notes of Turkish rose petals and pink peppercorn underscored by juicy raspberries, papyrus and white amber, this fragrance provides a soothing yet distinguished scent meant to convey strength and fragility all at once. Like all of Byredo’s fragrances, the different notes work together to bring out a unique sensory experience that’s more complex than your department store perfumes. The scent starts out soft and romantic, before you detect a little spice. It’s neither too tame nor too edgy, and the mix of hard and soft influences make this an ideal unisex scent.

Inspired by the nurses who worked on the front lines of WWI (often referred to by soldiers as the “Roses of No Man’s Land”), this perfume is like a soothing balm; sophisticated elegance envelops the skin and strengthens the backbone. A few spritzes to your chest and neck area, behind the ears or on the wrists is all you need to carry yourself a little differently.

Finally, you have a personal fragrance that’s as classy and memorable as you are.

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