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The CBD Trend Has Officially Made Its Way To Fragrance With This Cannabis Cologne

* CBD fragrance is here
* It doesn’t smell like bong rips or weed
* It does smell good, even romantic, with a fresh, light scent

The CBD trend found its way into supplements, DIY smoothies and juice mixes, then teas and even lattes and boba drinks, and of course cannabis candles have been around, at least in California, for a little while now. But we’re glad to inform you that now, the CBD craze has made it to the world of fine fragrances.

It was bound to happen. Cannabis naturally has some aromatic oils that make it a fine base for a perfume or cologne. Plus, these oils contain some CBD, which apparently is thought to have mood elevating properties even in vapor form. Seems plausible, since lavender essential oil was found to help lower cortisol levels in an experiment.

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Courtesy The Grommet

So what does this cannabis cologne smell like? To start, whether this comes to your relief or disappointment, it doesn’t smell like weed. No, you won’t get the aroma of a college roommate having just lit up a joint. Rather, this scent from Fog & Tree has some evocative Northern California notes such as cedar and lavender and fir. There’s a hint of sandalwood as well, evoking a cool, fragrant, fog-enshrouded coast, relaxing redwoods and the gray, calming waves as seen from the headlands of Point Reyes.

And like the CBD infusions that have been cropping up in lattes, tea drinks and pressed juice lately, the cannabis terpenes in this perfume are legal and not considered as any sort of psychoactive. Together with the mix of lavender and other essential oils in this handsomely-packaged fragrance, the cannabis-derived aromatics deliver a soothing and refreshing natural scent. You might even want to use it as a room spray as well as a perfume or cologne. Makes a great gift too.

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