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Daily Deal: Get Beach-Ready for $15

* Diet and exercise aren’t enough to look good in a bikini
* Soothes aching muscles and tones your thighs
* Natural, organic and made in USA

With beach season just weeks away, it’s time to get serious about your prep. While diet and exercise go a long way to help determine shape and size, it’s important to remember that texture counts too. That’s why you need the Majestic Pure Hot Cream for cellulite and muscle treatment. It’s the #1 best-selling product this month on Amazon, and one of the best-reviewed, too.

Juniper, grapefruit and rosemary tighten your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Simply massage the Hot Cream into all your spotty zones to relax after a long day or intense workout. The active ingredients will tone your legs, while essential oils like peppermint, pine, chamomile and eucalyptus reduce inflammation and soothe your aching muscles.

Majestic Pure Hot Cream’s all-natural formula contains organic ingredients. It’s made with no harmful chemicals, and it’s a cruelty-free product. It’s great for getting rid of cellulite, and you’ll love it as a massage cream.

You’ll feel a relaxing warming sensation as you work the cream into your tight and trouble spots, while the soothing aroma from a combination of essential oils and natural ingredients adds to the spa-like feel. Developed by Majestic Pure, a California-based brand that produces safe yet effective botanical cosmetics and hi-tech cosmeceuticals, the product promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite, while helping to firm and tone the skin.

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