Daring Décolletage: Say Goodbye to Chest Wrinkles With These Silicone Pads

Sio Skincare Chest Skin Pad
Image courtesy of SiO Skincare

* An anti-wrinkle patch designed to give you radiant and younger looking skin
* Works as you sleep to plump and tighten the area around your chest
* Each pad can be reused up to 15 times

Everyone wants to keep their skin looking as wrinkle-free as possible, but creams, facials and other treatments can often be forgotten or take too much time out of an already busy schedule.

If you’re worried about the wrinkles that keep deepening on your chest and decolletage area, look no further than the SiO SkinPad. It helps treat the problem by lessening wrinkles as you sleep at night. It will make you feel more confident in daring necklines this party season.

chest wrinkles treatment best silicone pads SiO SkinPad Image courtesy of Amazon

SiO SkinPad


Each of the medical-grade silicone treatments features a mix of skin revitalizing ingredients that have been clinically tested for their effectiveness. Oxygen, hydrogen and carbon are linked with the silicone to provide a breathable material that encourages skin hydration, helps with rejuvenation and gives your skin a plumped effect over time by encouraging collagen production.

Using the pad is as simple as putting the tapered SkinPad over your pre-cleaned chest area as you get ready for bed. After a normal night’s sleep, the pad can be removed and reused up to 15 times.

Whether the lines around your cleavage area is the result of the natural aging process, sleeping on your side, or spending too many years in the sun, the SiO SkinPad provides a simple way to smooth your decolletage.


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