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On The Record: Christie Brinkley Talks Beauty, Skin Care & Her New Cosmetics Collection

* Supermodel Christie Brinkley launched new color cosmetics collection
* Extends her successful skin care line, Authentic Skincare
* The supermodel reveals her skin care and beauty secrets

Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Christie Brinkley recently launched her first-ever color cosmetics line, Authentic Beauty. The new addition to her brand is a curated collection of treatment-based color cosmetics, with skin care benefits meant to enhance your natural beauty and improve your skin, like a serum or good moisturizer.

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Image courtesy of Authentic Beauty[/caption]

The model’s latest endeavor into makeup is an extension of her successful skin care brand, Authentic Skin Care.

We sat down with the industry icon to talk about supermodel skin and what we can expect with her first release of makeup products.

You’ve worked with some of the biggest beauty brands in the world: What makes this collection different? Why do you like these products so much?
I’ve worked with and learned from the best beauty experts and makeup artists in the world. What makes this collection different, is that these are my beauty essentials and I couldn’t be happier to be able to share them with you – my must-haves are now your go-to essentials!


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Image courtesy of Authentic Beauty


What’s your best piece of beauty advice?
Find products that work for YOU. Find products that compliment and work with your skin type and concerns.

Why should women of all ages be paying attention to their skin?
Skin damage can be very hard to erase, which is why it’s super imperative to understand what your skin needs and what works for you. It’s never too early too early or too late to start paying attention to your skin.

Your skincare line offers solutions for anti-aging concerns with plenty of options for mature skin. How does your line of color cosmetics help improve the skin (as opposed to just concealing)?
Your skin is a canvas for your makeup so I wanted to create a line that nourishes the skin while providing coverage. For example, the Forever Flawless Foundation offers a DNA-Damage-Reducing formula and IR Defense, which contains skin-repairing peptides and ingredients that hydrate, along with an SPF that protects against more than just UVA and UVB rays.

What inspired your selection of colors and shades in this collection? 
I wanted to curate a collection of my favorite looks that could be interchanged for day and night, and create various looks. The shades reflect what I typically wear – I wanted to give my fans a glimpse inside my makeup case.

How can we take our makeup look from day to night with the eyeshadow palettes?
My Prime Time Day to Night Nudes Eyeshadow Palette comes in two color ranges. Each contains a curated collection of eye-popping color and was professionally-developed to deliver easy, elegant, day-to-dazzling evening looks. The mix of tones come in soft-satin and shimmer finishes that are long-lasting and provide options for every occasion. These eyeshadows are rich in color and easy to build for that transition in your look.