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On National Donut Day, Get This Body Scrub That Smells Like Coffee and Donuts

* Simple ingredient list and zero fillers to preserve skin’s natural radiance
* Safe enough for face and body use
* Comes with luxe scooper to help you gather product

What is better than a mug of soothing coffee and a glazed donut to start your morning? A luxury coffee scrub that smells like a glazed donut, with a company message that strives to empower and boost self-confidence in women.

LUVBOD’s hand-crafted luxury body scrub is the ultimate exfoliator for anti-cellulite treatment, acne prevention, stretch mark treatment and eczema. You name your ailment and it seems this scrub can cure it. With only five ingredients — arabica coffee, sugar, coconut oil, frankincense and vitamin E — this product promises results, without any fillers.

Safe enough for use on your face and body, LUVBOD’s exfoliant promises to leave skin polished and smooth for a full 24 hours. Each highly selective ingredient has been chosen for its unique effectiveness. This scrub is made from the best arabica coffee beans, finely triple ground for maximum caffeine absorption to boost alertness. The raw sugar removes dead skin cells to leave skin polished, and the antioxidants in both ingredients work together to nourish and moisturize your skin. Frankincense has been known to have antiseptic properties which can help with acne.

Start your day with this luxury scrub. Not only will the caffeine help awaken the senses, the product will help with blood circulation to keep you energized throughout the day. You can also use the scrub to rejuvenate dry or patchy areas, and to promote the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.

Based out of Georgia, LUVBOD’s mission is to create products that will promote self-confidence and help you feel good inside and out. The smell of coffee and donuts in this scrub is the icing on the cake to keep you smelling — and feeling — absolutely delicious all day long.