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These $25 Heated Mitts Are Like An At-Home Hand Massage, To Soothe and Relax Your Tired Digits

* Heated beauty hand mitts from Conair
* Soothe and rejuvenate tired hands
* No need to spend a fortune – or leave your house

Dry winter air and all-day work or parenting takes a toll on everyone’s hands. Sadly you can’t cover worn-out looking hands with gloves all day, and — unless you’re a princess — you can’t get hand massages on demand. The result is dry, flakey and often sore hands – which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

To solve the problem, Conair created these True Glow Heated Hand Mitts. They warm up to soothe and reinvigorate tired hands, and open up your pores to make moisturizer much more effective. They have almost 400 reviews on Amazon, with many customers lauding their unique anti-arthritis and relaxation abilities, and low price under $30.

For the best results with the True Glow mitts, apply your own moisturizer, cover your hands in plastic wrap, and then use the mitts. The process provides a deep moisturizing effect with the same soothing, rejuvenating effect of a sauna or steam room, but doesn’t require that you leave your house. Plus, they fold away for convenient storage in your bathroom or closet, unlike a lot of bulky beauty appliances.

As your pores open, the moisturizer penetrates deeply. Even heat ensures that every inch of skin is stimulated and softened. Your hands emerge smooth and healthy-looking. And just in case you have sensitive skin, the Conair True Glow Heated Hand Mitts come with three easy-to-adjust temperature settings, so it’s never too hot to the touch.

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