9 Crazy Facial Masks You Need To Try

crazy face masks
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* Spa quality facial masks in the comfort of your own home
* Detox, hydrate, moisturize, strengthen and renew your skin
* Great skin in as little as 15 minutes

A longtime staple in Korean skin care, sheet masks have made a huge splash stateside and come in variations for every skin care ailment and price point. From hydrating, brightening and refreshing to pore cleansing and blackhead elimination, these masks not only are fun to use and look at but work surprisingly well. We’ve found 9 unique takes on the sheet mask that are all budget-friendly and can be interchanged weekly to combat different problems.

1. Moisturizing Sheet Face Mask

These moisturizing facial sheet masks from Bioaqua are an affordable alternative to expensive spa facial treatments. Made with biodegradable materials, these 4 sheet masks contain ingredients that will rejuvenate and repair dry and/or damaged skin. The Panda mask contains anti-inflammatory properties, the Tiger will contribute to extracting excess oils and shrinking enlarged pores, the Dog mask helps improve circulation and the Sheep mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Bioaqua Animal Masks



2. Firming & Anti-Aging Avocado Sheet Mask

The Creme Shop’s Avocado Eye Sheet Mask is made to comfortably cover the eye area to thoroughly nourish and revitalize the delicate skin. Infused with rich avocado oils, this mask will target deep and fine wrinkles, crow’s feet, loose skin and worry lines while rejuvenating the whole delicate eye area.

Sheet Mask The Creme Shop Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Egg White Peel Off Mask

The Egg White Peel-Off Pack is a sheet mask containing egg whites which are excellent for exfoliating, refining pores and controlling excess oil. Egg whites contain albumin which is a type of protein that controls sebum production while removing impurities. Great for Blackhead removal, this mask also dissolves pore-clogging oil and will tighten pores after cleansing.

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4. Purifying Bubble Oxygen Mask

Purederm’s Deep Purifying Bubble Mask is made with charcoal to make your skin smoother, brighter and healthier. Once applied to the skin, this rinse off face mask, once applied to the skin, will form bubbles and fill your face full of foam. The foaming action of the charcoal will cleanse and detoxify your skin and when washed off will remove all dead skin cells, revealing glowing, cleaner skin.

Bubble Mask Purederm Image Courtesy Amazon

Purederm Bubble Mask



5. Rubber Mask

Dr. Jart+, an innovative company, and K-Beauty favorite has come out with this unique Rubber Mask called Firming Lover. This is a two-step mask that delivers actives into the skin while providing cooling benefits for a visibly more defined and contoured complexion. The two steps include a highly concentrated ampoule of serum and a rubber mask that was specially developed to lift and contour the skin. The rubber mask wraps the skin to prevent the active ingredients from evaporating, allowing for deeper penetration and firmer, supple looking skin.

Rubber Mask Dr. Jart Image Courtesy Amazon Image Courtesy Amazon


6. Shrek Clay Mask

The I’m Real Shrek Clay Mask is a deep cleansing and blackhead clearing mask made with pure green clay from France. The Shrek reference might lead you to believe this is a children’s bath product but only has to do with the green color of the clay.  This refreshing mask also contains pore tightening green tea and fresh mint extract to keep the skin cool and refreshed.

Clay Mask CJ Olive Networks Image Courtesy Amazon

Shrek Mask



7. Healing Yogurt Milk Mask

Lace Your Face Compression Facial Masks uses compression technology to repair the skin. Natural cotton stretch lace contours, compresses and provides breathability for deep absorption of serum and a lifting chin strap helps secure to firm and tighten skin. This reusable mask uses healing yogurt milk to rebuild strength back into compromised and sensitive skin while firming and hydrating.

Compression Mask DERMOVIA Image Courtesy Amazon

Dermovia Sheet Mask



8. Golden Face Mask

Elixir Cosmetics Gold Face Mask is a Korean-made beauty product that smooths fine lines for a healthy, youthful glow. The active ingredient, gold, activates the cells of the skin to help reduce fine lines and the appearance of pores. The addition of collagen and Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and coenzyme Q10 evens out skin tone and helps fight free radicals for more youthful, glowing skin.

Facial Sheet Mask Elixer Cosmetics Image Courtesy Amazon


Elixir Gold Mask



9. Illumination Mask

The Face Injection Illumination Mask by OOZOO is an award-winning mask for its unique design. This syringe-type ampoule mask uses a syringe to store and keep active ingredients fresh by storing solutions separately from the sheet mask. Simply push the button of the syringe immediately before use, inject it into the high-quality microfiber sheet mask and apply to your face. The unique ingredients mix together to create a solution that makes skin look radiant by restoring the oil and moisture of dull, dry skin.

Illumination Mask The OOZOO Image Courtesy Amazon