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New Nails: Crazy Nail Products to Try Right Now

* At-home manicures and nail care can be a hassle
* The bizarre beauty trend has made its way to nail care
* 10 crazy nail products that actually perform

The world of beauty products is becoming more and more strange, and nail care is no exception. Surprisingly though, while bizarre they may be, there are some odd ball products out there that actually work magic. Upgrade your next at-home mani with these out-of-the-box nail products.

1. Pam Cooking Spray

Nope, you didn’t accidentally start reading another article — a good old fashioned cooking spray on your nails is a helpful hack that helps prevent smudges, pillow marks, and other indications of your lack of patience while letting your polish dry. Beauty bloggers swear by this unlikely hack, and you’ll be able to use it next time you cook dinner too.


2. Kocostar Nail Therapy (Nail Masks)

Like a sheet mask for your nails, Kocostar’s multivitamin nail treatment is a 30-minute miracle worker for your nails and cuticles. The product claims to help strengthen weak–even peeling nails–to prevent breakage, while softening the delicate skin around the nail bed and cuticles.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


3. Monkey Nail Dryer

Leave the dreaded pillow marks and smudges in the dust next time you do an at-home mani. Without help, nail polish can actually take up to 24 hours to fully dry on their own. Since it’s really not plausible to sit and wait patiently for a full day to let them dry, we recommend getting some help from this adorable monkey. He’ll help expedite the drying process, and will look super cute on your vanity table too. Oh – and it’s less than 4 bucks.

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4. Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish

Why invest in a costly cashmere sweater this fall when you get the look for under $5 on your nails? This Sally Hansen nail color is infused with woven and spun fibers, giving your nails a textured look that aims to resemble yarn and wool. Now, your nails won’t be left out from the fun of fall fashion. #SweaterWeather, anyone?


5. Mood Changing Nail Polish

Forget the mood rings, apparently those are so 1995. The new way to show your changing moods is on your nails. According to the company, this polish adjusts colors based on perceived changes in body temperature.


6. Healthy Hoof Cream

This intensive protein cream is used by trainers to care for horse’s hooves. But don’t let that scare you away, this nourishing product earns rave reviews for its strengthening effects on the nail on humans too.

[caption id="attachment_77761" align="aligncenter" width="313"]Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


7. Manicure Peel-Off Guards

Do you have trouble staying in “the lines,” when doing your own nails? It’s okay, you’re not Cezanne. But these helpful manicure guards will help you achieve a salon-worthy manicure without having to spend an hour trying to remove the excess polish on your nails and hands.

[caption id="attachment_77794" align="aligncenter" width="463"]Nail Polish Peel Off Guards Images courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


8. UV Glove Gel Manicures

Gel has become the gold standard when it comes to manicures in recent years. Gel polish stays on much longer than traditional varieties, is chip resistant, and retains that glossy look long after you leave the salon. Unfortunately, UV light to set the polish (the “curing” process) is often required. This 50+ UPF glove protects your hands and skin from 99% of UV damage, so you can enjoy gel manis without having to worry about radiation.


9. Scented Cuticle Oil Pens

Okay, so maybe these aren’t exactly crazy, but we’ve never seen such a creative way to keep your cuticles looking fresh than with these scented oil pens. Great for on the go use and travel, these convenient pens prevent the dreaded spills and over application of oil through their twist-top dispenser. The flavors ( Zen Tea, Spiced Ginger, Lush Jasmine, Zesty Lemon, and Pink Grapefruit) smell so delicious, you may want to eat one (warning: this is not a good idea).

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Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Spray-On Nail Polish

Touted as the fast manicure option for the on-the-go girl, this spray-on nail color is designed to be easy to apply as spritzing on perfume. While the spray-on application isn’t the most precise, excess polish on the finger and hand wipes easily. To set the color, you’ll need to apply a base coat, but this spray can polish is still a major time saver.

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