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Detox Bath Infusion: Lots of Benefits, Small Bottle

* Detoxifying bath treatment is great for body and skin invigoration
* Helps stimulate circulation and reduces fluid retention
* Contains grapefruit, jojoba, geranium, sweet almond and more

Using a mixture of naturally sourced ingredients, this botanical bath time infusion provides invigoration for your body and mind. Each of the detoxifying elements, which include sweet almond, jojoba and peach kernel, have been selected for their specific body benefits. 

Brought to you by the skincare experts at Elemental Herbology, this award-winning bath time treatment envelopes the Chinese Five Element Theory to help harmonize the link between your body and the natural world. Enjoyment is as simple as adding 2 or 3 caps to a full bathtub or directly applying the infusion to your body if you prefer to use the treatment in the shower.

This bath treatment is great for all skin types. The range of ingredients packed inside work in synergy with your body to leave you feeling energized. For example, the natural grapefruit helps to fight fatigue, detoxify blood, lessen fluid retention and eliminate cellulite with its strong diuretic, astringent and thermogenic properties.

And the combination of sweet almond, jojoba and peach kernel nourish and soften your skin while the juniper berry aids in cell renewal and improves your skin’s glowing tone. Geranium also increases circulation and promotes aqua-drainage at the same time. Finally, the rosemary provides stimulated circulation to help invigorate your body. This well-known therapeutic oil ingredient can also aid your focus and alleviate depression.

With a wide range of positive body effects and a bargain price of only $35, this high-quality detox bath infusion from Elemental Herbology could be the answer to reinvigorating your lifeless skin, giving you a soft but strong boost of confidence.

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