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This Best-Selling Oil Cleanser Now Has a New Olive Oil Spin Off

* Don’t be scared of oil in skin care (even if you have oily skin)
* Oil cleansers are best at removing makeup and can actually unclog pores
* Oil cleansers deep clean the skin without over-drying and irritating 

Oil-based cleansers are a staple in the Korean and Japanese skin care routines and the first step in the famous 10-step routine. Recently, they’ve become super popular in the West because they’re such an effective and efficient form of removing makeup and impurities from the pores without stripping it dry.

J-beauty brand DHC has now come out with a new spin off to their best-selling

. According to the brand, one bottle of this cult-status cleansing oil is sold every 10 seconds worldwide. The Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil works best for normal-to-dry skin types and for those needing more hydration and/or those living in colder climates.

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This makeup remover and skin cleanser contains Oleic Acid from Olive Oil to help provide intense conditioning and protect your skin from dryness, leaving it with the ideal balance of moisture. It removes makeup and cleanses the pores thoroughly but gently, and it never leaves your skin feeling greasy. It removes all makeup, pore-clogging oil and dead skin cells all without upsetting the pH of the skin and therefore reducing the formation of fine lines.

As with all oil-based cleansers, the key is to start with a few pumps on dry hands and massage onto a dry face. Rinse thoroughly with water to emulsify and rinse off. If you choose to, you can follow with your daily water-based facial cleanser for that double-cleansed feel.