The Best Down-There Care For Keeping Things Fresh Regardless of the Season

best down there care

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Over the last 15 years, the trend in men’s pants has oscillated between stiff, heavyweight denim and thigh hugging skinny jeans. There’s nothing wrong with classic raw selvage or a nice pair of slim jeans, but neither option is especially forgiving for your cojones, your package, or whatever grade school euphemism you grew up using.

In summer, wearing heavy pants on top of boxer briefs is a recipe for some serious sweating in your most sensitive region. Conditions are also not much better in winter; trapping heat with warm pants and thick underwear keeps you warm, but it also makes you sweaty. And sure, it’s fun to crack jokes (pun intended), but hygiene is important, especially in an area that’s as sensitive and prone to sweat as the groin area.

Old school solutions like talc powder can dry out too much, leading to chafing. There are also some rumblings about the safety of talcum powder. Fortunately, there are a lot of products out there that safely deodorize and reduce perspiration, without being overly drying or leaving any kind of residue. They can also help prevent uncomfortable chafing. Many of the best ones are available on Amazon, so it spares you having to explain what you’re looking for to the overworked CVS employee.

1. Fresh Balls Lotion for Men

Men reasonably want to know what they’re putting on their privates, and this lotion is free of parabens, talc, and aluminum. It comes out as a lotion but dries into a clump-free powder. It reduces sweat and chafing.

Pros: Starts off as a lotion, making it easier to apply than a powder. Many reviewers found it helped with sweat, chafing, and discomfort.

Cons: Some didn’t like the scent.

Fresh balls down there care Amazon

2. Nutt Butter Men’s Lotion

This lotion is free of parabens and sulfates. It’s scented with fresh essential oils and made with ingredients like jojoba and aloe, which relieve itchiness and inflammation. It comes in an 8 oz jar, rather than a squeeze tube or bottle, and is similar to lotion in texture.

Pros: Scented with essential oils, it’s designed to be used in other places like back and chest, in addition to the groin area.

Cons: Some found that it can take a while to dry after applying.

Nutt butter down there care Amazon

3. DUDE Body Powder

If you’re used to powder but don’t want to use talc, this corn-starch based powder is a good option. It uses citrus extracts and aloe to keep things fresh, and it’s free of aluminum and parabens. The powder has menthol for a lightly cooling effect.

Pros: Good option for people who prefer powder but don’t want to use talc. Helps to reduce moisture.

Cons: Menthol was too intense for some.

Dude powder down there care Amazon