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This Indie Brand Just Created Whipped Cream For Your Skin

* A whipped moisturizer to brighten and improve firmness
* Great for all skin types
* Formulated with clean, non-toxic ingredients

Drunk Elephant is the best-selling indie skincare brand you may not have heard of – yet. One of the latest brands to hit the shelves, stores cannot keep this product in stock. It is an Allure “Best of Beauty” award winner, and has yielded rave reviews from editors and consumers alike.

One of their hero products is the Lala Retro Whipped Cream. This is a whipped moisturizer meant to visibly brighten and improve skin’s firmness. The cream works for all skincare types and is thick and creamy without being heavy or greasy. With regular use, this moisturizer promises to keep your skin balanced, hydrated and healthy-looking, while delivering a steady dose of moisture throughout the day and night.

The whipped formulation contains a blend of six rare African oils that deliver and lock in intense hydration for hours after application. Ingredients such as plantain extract, green tea and omega acids all work together to recover firmness, elasticity and combat the signs of aging and irritation from environmental stresses. The company says this whipped cream is like your grandmother’s favorite face cream, only less heavy and suffocating.

In addition to its unique formulation, Drunk Elephant has been lauded for their exceptional packaging. The products come in air-tight pumps which prevent bacteria from coming in contact with the product, ensuring the formulas do not oxidize and become less effective.

The founder of Drunk Elephant wanted to create a brand that genuinely lived up to its promises regardless of the price, as well as limit her children’s exposure to harmful toxins. The products contain only the best ingredients for skin health, keeping this cream safe and making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin-types. All Drunk Elephant products are formulated without colorants, perfumes or fragrant oils of any kind. The products are gluten and cruelty-free and the brand is a strong supporter of the International Elephant Foundation.

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