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SPY Guide: How to Dry Brush to Exfoliate Skin for Winter

* Keep your skin glowing and fresh all winter with dry brushing
* Not just skincare: Additional benefits include lymphatic stimulation 
* A mini-guide on products to get you started and the technique

Frigid winter temperatures and dry weather are often the culprit of dry, dull, and itchy skin. While a good moisturizer can relieve the tightness, there’s still the build-up of dead, dried out skin to contend with. This is where dry brushing comes in for the save.

If you’re not familiar with this skincare method, it’s exactly what its name suggests. A soft but firm bristled body brush is swept over the skin, starting at the feet and working upwards towards the heart, then with the hands working up the arms, also towards the heart. Firm, small strokes and circular motions are recommended, but you shouldn’t brush too hard.

While dry brushing will feel great and reveal fresh, glowing skin, there are other benefits that go beyond skin deep: it stimulates the lymph nodes, improves digestion and the appearance of cellulite, and helps the cells remove waste.

As with anything you do, using the right tools are key to seeing results. Here, find everything you need to dry brush and exfoliate winter skin and start feeling amazing.

1. Natural Boar Bristle Dry Brush Set

Start out with the basic tools: two boar bristle dry brushes to exfoliate and rejuvenate tired, winter skin. This set includes both a large brush with a longer handle for hard to reach areas and a smaller brush for your face and any delicate nooks and crannies.

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2. Pursoma Resurrection Bath

After you exfoliate with a brush, melt into a bath of French sea salt and green clay.  Both ingredients will help remove toxic buildup, while soothing seaweed nourishes skin to restore hydration and vitality.

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3. Organic Pharmacy Detox Cellulite Body Oil

An invigorating organic body oil that hydrates and smooths with jojoba, marigold, St. Johns Wort, carrot & rose hip oil. Other key ingredients will help detoxify, improve micro-circulation and oxygenate your body’s largest organ – your skin.

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