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This Budweiser Soap Proves Beer Cleans as Good as It Tastes

A lot of situations call for a great, ice-cold beer — Sunday afternoon football, a day at the beach, Friday night after a long day of work. But did you ever think beer would become part of your hygiene routine? Well, now it can. (And probably should!) 

Duke Cannon has released another must-have men’s grooming product. This time, the brand has released a whole line of men’s grooming products made with beer and bourbon. That’s right — the beer is coming from inside the soap. Don’t worry, it won’t leave you smelling like your neighborhood pub. It just uses the cleansing power of beer to leave you all fresh and clean. 

Naturally, this product line would not be complete without a collaboration with the King of Beers – Budweiser. They’ve added The Great American Lager to soap, cologne, beard oil and more, giving men the freedom to choose which one works best for them. 

Every product is made with organic, natural oils and a touch of beer to strengthen hair. These products also have a warm, cedarwood scent. 

Check out the whole lineup below, and make beer a part of your getting ready routine in a way that’s totally office-appropriate.


Great American Beer Soap – Made with Budweiser

If you’re not sure where to start, try a classic. Duke Cannon made this military-inspired bar soap that’s two to three times the size of your regular store-bought bar. It’s rich with antioxidants (and beer) to help clean your skin. A delicious cedarwood scent will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

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Courtesy of Duke Cannon

Solid Cologne – American Lager

Take this tin on the go to instantly refresh your scent using the power of Budweiser. No matter where you’re headed, this rugged, sophisticated and appealing scent will complement you well. It also pairs with the Great American Budweiser Soap for a layered scent profile.


Courtesy of Duke Cannon


Great American Beard Balm – Made With Budweiser

In the quest for the Great American Beard, this might just be the ticket. This beard balm is made with ingredients like lanolin, apricot kernel oil and organic cocoa butter to protect and moisturize your skin. A dash of malt and hops from Budweiser strengthen beards to their fullest potential, and the warm cedarwood fragrance finishes it off with a refined touch.

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Courtesy of Duke Cannon

Great American Beard Oil – Made With Budweiser

Any seasoned beardsman knows the power of beard oil. Well, it’s time for beer to take it to the next level. This beard oil is made with apricot oil and a touch of Budweiser to condition and strengthen the toughest of beards, and leave them with a warm cedarwood scent. At 3 oz., this bottle is more bang for your buck than the average beard oil.

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Courtesy of Duke Cannon
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