This Easel-Style Eyelash Curler Is Disrupting Beauty Routines Everywhere

Japonesque's Easel Style Eyelash Curler Rethinks

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* Create deep, sweeping lashes with this innovative eyelash curler
* Easel-style design
* Replaceable curler pad

For almost 30 years, Japoneque has made its mark on the beauty world by thinking way outside the box. Coveted by beauty enthusiasts and endorsed by professionals, the brand effectively disrupted the industry, before disrupting was even a term, with their innovative makeup brushes and beauty accessories.

Easel Style Eyelash Curler

Consider exhibit A: the Go Eyelash Curler seen here. If this easel-style eyelash curler didn’t come with a description, we dare say you’d be hard pressed to name what it is. Completely outside the typical lash curler paradigm of two handles that lever a curling clamp, this one features an easel-style design and a handle-less shape.

Flip the easel back to create the leverage needed to grip and curl eyelashes; the open cage style won’t pinch outer lashes like its conventional counterparts. A soft, siliconized rubber lash pad provides comfort, while preventing a crimped look.

Lashes are released with a full, gorgeously curved sweep that’s instantly lengthening. Made from exceptional materials, superior craftsmanship and uncompromising standards, the Go measures in at just five centimeters and packs flat, so you’ll never have to leave home without it.

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