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Turn Back The Clock With This Nobel Prize-Winning Repair Serum

* Nobel Prize winning breakthrough
* Increases collagen production
*Activates skin repair for more youthful appearance

We may not have the fountain of youth at our disposal, but when it comes to delaying the aging process, Secret Beauty Club has a secret worth sharing: their revolutionary Regeneration and Repair EGF Serum.

It was the scientific breakthrough of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that earned them a Nobel Prize award. Secreted by the platelets and macrophages, EGFs are known to reduce the healing time of wounds when applied directly. It stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts — the cells that produce collagen — and in turn, boosts collagen production and accelerates the skin’s renewal process.


With usage, you’ll turn back the clock as you’ll see improvements in texture and elasticity of the skin; age spots and hyper-pigmentation are also reduced. Your face will feel refreshed and rejuvenated as the skin’s renewal process takes effect. The one-of-a-kind EGFs also stimulate cells that help relieve inflammation so acne scars and other blemishes will fade over time.

The Secret Beauty Club ECF Serum features other innovative ingredients that promote over all skin repair. ChroNOline (Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3) is a biomimetic peptide that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while Cococin, also known as Coconut Fruit Juice for us non-scientific folks, is packed full of rich, essential fatty acids.

Coconut fruit juice can recondition your skin to improve lipid barrier strength; it also stimulates blood circulation, resulting in healthy cell growth. And finally, it provides superior moisture, making this product ideal for those who are need of hydration in a form of a skin-quenching serum without breaking the bank.

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