Get a Better Brushing With This Swedish-Based Brand

issa toothbrush

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* Issa electric toothbrush
* 11,000 pulsations per minute
* Two minutes each time is all you need

If you haven’t switched to an electric toothbrush yet, here’s another reason to reconsider: the ISSA Hybrid Brush is a specially developed, hybrid toothbrush that provides a stronger cleaning experience as well as powerful plaque removal.

Designed for a comfortable grip, the ISSA Toothbrush features soft, gentle silicone bristles for the gum area, while stiffer polymer bristles on the inner part of the brush head help cover the surface of the teeth. The softer bristles act as a massager for your gums, while helping to loosen up stuck-on food. The other bristles work to deliver an aggressive attack on plaque buildup. The 3D flexible brush head allows it to reach every crevice of the mouth.

The battery-operated toothbrush delivers 11,000 pulsations per minute, for a clean you can really feel. The pulsations will pause every 30 seconds, letting you know that it is time to move to a new part of the mouth. After two minutes of use, you’re done!

We love the sleek, contemporary design of the ISSA, which is inspired by the Swedish brand’s minimalist roots and aesthetic. With a chic mint colorway, the toothbrush wouldn’t look out of place in a home staging or toothpaste commercial.

We also love that the toothbrush is formulated without any parabens, sulfates and phthlates, making it safe to use. And the durable construction means you’ll be using the ISSA for years – reducing waste and the cost of swapping brushes every few months.

Buy the ISSA Hybrid Toothbrush for a more complete, vigorous brushing experience. Your teeth deserve it.

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