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Green Tea and Honey Combine to Create an Exquisite Body Cream

* Formulated with real honey and green tea
* Leaves skin silky smooth and lightly fragranced
* Ideal for dry skin

The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea line is a collection of products meant to energize, refresh and excite the senses while invigorating the spirit. One stand-out is the luxurious

. It is a super moisturizing, all-over cream infused with a blend of real honey and fragrant green tea extract designed to uplift the mind and body while softening, soothing and conditioning the skin.

In addition to being a super emollient cream for the body, the green tea, real honey droplets and shea butter combine to leave a soft, comforting and lingering fragrance on the skin, perfect for those upcoming sweltering summer nights. Additionally, this thick cream helps lock in moisture, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Elizabeth Arden is a legend in the beauty world. Dating back to 1910, her products and more importantly the brand have stood the test of time and continue to be innovative. Known as a legendary innovator and tireless entrepreneur, Elizabeth Arden established the American beauty industry over a century ago. Her fundamental belief was that beauty should not be a veneer of makeup, but an intelligent cooperation between science and nature to develop a woman’s finest natural assets. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation, quality and excellence remain the soul of the company today.

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