Extra Exfoliation: The 8 Best Loofah Mitts For Softer Skin

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* These 8 loofah mitts provide an easy way to exfoliate during your daily wash
* Exfoliating clears old cells, giving your skin a smoother appearance
* It also increases local blood flow, feels great and prevents breakouts

If you aren’t exfoliating, you probably should be. This dead-cell clearing process has a number of benefits for your skin, and it feels pretty great, too.

If you choose to mechanically exfoliate, instead of laser or chemical options, you’ll need an exfoliating device. As you scrub away at the top layer of your skin, it removes the build up of dead skin cells as well as unwanted dirt and debris. This creates clearer skin to be enjoyed. Your skin will also be much softer to the touch and less likely to encounter breakouts thanks to the clearer pores.

These 8 exfoliating loofah mitts make the process easy and can be kept close at hand in your bath or shower space for use during your daily clean. There are a few different styles to choose from, but overall, any of the options will help you achieve more appealing skin with a brighter skin tone.

1. Urban Spa Boucle Bath Mitt

The Urban Spa Boucle Bath mitt sports tiny, tender boucle nubs to help get the most comprehensive clean and exfoliation possible. Adding your choice of body wash and water will result in a lather-filled mitt ideal for a once over. After you’re finished, the quick-drying loofah can be washed through with water and hung up, ready for its next use. It also pairs particularly well with the Pre de Provence Shower Gel to make a gift option for friends or family.

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2. SongWol Korean Beauty Towel Gloves

Sporting a unique and patented design, the SongWol Bath Towel Gloves use 100% Viscose Rayon to deliver an exfoliating scrub. As you work the glove over your body, it’ll help remove dead cells, clean pores and help increase blood flow to your skin, too. You’ll also get to enjoy the rich lather created by the mitten. In addition, this pack includes 3 brightly colored blue mittens, which means you will have spares or you can share with other family members.

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3. Buddha Bath Scrub Gloves

With their genuine mitten appearance, it might be easy to confuse these Buddha Bath Scrub Gloves for the ones you should wear outside. They are in fact made to fit any hand size and also feature a fitted wrist design to ensure a snug fit. These mitts are great for exfoliating as well as for use with other skin problems, like ingrown hairs, dry skin, back-ne and more. Each pack contains 3 pairs in white, blue and green so you can assign each pairs to a different person in the house.

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4. Elbahya Spa Body Scrub Glove

The Elbahya Spa Body Scrub Glove comes in a choice of 5 different colors, which means each family member can have their own assigned color. The glove also contains a highly elasticated wristband to ensure the glove stays in place as you exfoliate, which makes getting to the slightly hard-to-reach areas no problem at all. You’ll also find a built-in loop for hanging your gloves after use. Plus, this Elbahya product boasts over 350 5-star reviews from happy users on Amazon.

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5. Skinerals Scrubbing Exfoliator Mitt

Another product with an impressive Amazon rating, the Skinerals Scrubbing Exfoliator Mitt must be doing something to keep customers happy. It sports an elasticated wrist for a secure fit and has a hanging loop for easy drying and storage. This mitt is especially popular with people looking to exfoliate before applying tanning products. Not only does it clear your dead skin cells away, it leaves your skin fresh and smooth to the touch.

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6. Zakia’s Morocco Kessa Royal Hammam Glove

When it comes to skincare products, traditional Moroccan-inspired items seem to go down well with customers. Zakia’s Kessa Royal Hammam Glove follows suit and has reviewers raving. It features a lightweight yet highly effective design, which will clear your skin to leave it smooth and silky. For the maximum effect, this glove can be used along with Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap .

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7. Thermalabs Exfoliating Gloves Health Set

The Termalabs Glove Health Set claims every exfoliation treatment shouldn’t be the same. Rather than one all-inclusive mitt style, this set takes a more personal approach. In the set, you’ll find 3 different gloves made from various scrubbing materials, allowing you to choose the right one for the job at hand. As an added bonus, the set comes with its very own guide as well as 3 hanging hooks for your gloves and a free finger exfoliator.

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8. Baiden Superior Exfoliator Glove

You’ll be able to achieve baby soft skin with the Baiden Superior Glove . This loofah mitt can be used for up to 100 at-home spa sessions to get rid of old, dead and aging cells for smooth and soft skin. Unlike many of the other gloves on our list, this one claims to deliver an exfoliation close to that achieved when using microdermabrasion salon treatments. In each order, you’ll also find a hook for easy after-use hanging and storage.

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