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These Exfoliating Gloves Are a Must For Your Pre-Summer Skin Routine

* Exfoliating your skin is important for removing dead cells and unclogging pores
* These Earth Therapeutics Hydro Gloves make in-shower exfoliating simple
* A must-have for any comprehensive skin care routines

Achieving healthy and beautiful skin requires a few key steps in your skin care routine. Protecting it from the sun, eating the right food and not smoking all help to give your skin the right conditions to thrive. And, when it comes to keeping your skin clean and maintaining the surface glow, it’s important to gently exfoliate at regular intervals. However, too frequent or too rough exfoliation can have a negative effects on your skin. For this reason, it’s good to have the correct tools to properly exfoliate your skin.

One exfoliating option is in-shower gloves, like these

, which provide an easy way to care for and maintain the skin’s surface. Treatment with the gloves works to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, thereby preventing clogged pores and in doing so preventing acne and breakouts.

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Exfoliation works by removing the top layer of your skin, allowing younger cells to come to the surface. However, the treatment does leave your skin more susceptible to damage from the sun and burning, which means sunscreen becomes more important after exfoliation.

And, because of the sensitivity issues and the possibility of dryness following exfoliation, it’s advised that you only use these gloves once, and at a maximum twice, a week.

It’s also possible to combine your Hydro Glove treatment with an additional exfoliant scrub for a deeper and more extensive cleaning treatment all over your body.

When it comes to using these lightweight gloves in the shower, simply apply your soap or scrub to the gloves. Then allow the specially woven fabric to work up a lather as you gently work the gloves over your body, exfoliating impurities and the top layers of your skin as you go. After use, allow the gloves to dry to prevent any unwanted bacteria or fungus growth.

Whether you simply want the best skin you can achieve for the summer or are looking for a way to prevent acne breakouts and ingrown hairs, these effective exfoliating gloves will help achieve the healthy and glowing look you’re after.


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