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Fake the Look of a Full Night’s Sleep With This Compact Eye and Facial Massager

* Erases look of fatigue with high-frequency vibrations
* Reduces dark under-eye circles and fine lines
* Ergonomic, compact design

If you can’t clock in a full eight hours of shut-eye (and really, who can?) give tired skin and dark under-eye circles a one-two punch of LED phototherapy and sonic vibrations with this innovative eye and facial massager.

Sized just a bit larger than a powder puff, this facial device from Oreadex uses both light therapy and sonic high frequency vibrations to massage away wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness. It has the capacity to heat up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, soothing and opening pores for optimal beauty product absorption. The vibrating function gently smooths and plumps skin, creating a youthful looking appearance in no time.

eye and facial massager

Ergonomically designed, it’s disc shape slants at a 45-degree angle, making it easy to maneuver over the planes of your face and neck and reach delicate, smaller areas such as the eye orbital.

Slide your finger right into the handy loop built in; the candy-colored options give the effect of a sparkly, fun statement ring while allowing for secure, precision use. Its compact size and wireless capability makes it an ideal travel tool – toss it in your gym bag for after-workout touch ups or in your carry-on to maintain a youthful glow while on the road.

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