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Grow Luscious Lashes While You Sleep With This Reconstructive Eyelash Cream

* Inspired by Ophthalmic Reconstructive technologies
* Can be used as a refreshing eye make-up remover
* Gentle enough for sensitive eyes

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve full lashes – naturally? Talika, an innovative skin care brand from Paris, has got just the solution with their revolutionary Eyelash Conditioning Cream that helps you grow long, lushes lashes while you sleep.

Talika’s original skin reconstructive formula was conceived during World War II to treat burnt eyebrows and lashes of wounded soldiers using plant extracts. Now adapted for everyday use, Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream serves as a conditioning cream and refreshing eye make-up remover with one-of-a-kind ingredients that’s gentle enough to use even for those with sensitive eyes.

Inspired by Ophthalmic Reconstructive technologies, this powerful yet lightweight cream is packed with conditioning and healing properties including bio cellulose, an ingredient commonly used post-surgery to encourage skin regeneration and healing. It also contains silk proteins, cornflower water, and castor oil which help promote lengthening lashes and also help reduce eye puffiness thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. The cream also contains witch hazel, apple extract, nettle and hypericum to help condition and help improve the overall health of lashes — making them look fuller and thicker.

Before bed each night, gently apply the Eyelash Conditioning Cream with a cotton swab or clean fingers along your lashes starting at the roots and ending at the tips. A small drop ( pinhead-sized amount) is all you need to achieve fuller, healthier lashes overtime. Say goodbye to the hassle of applying false lashes and expensive extension procedures with this miraculous cream.

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