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Better Lashes Without Mascara? It’s Possible With Talika’s Eyelash Growth Serum

* Grow and thicken lashes within a month
* Formulated with a blend of natural actives
* Double applicator for precise coverage

Where once you needed a prescription to access lash-growing products, there are now a number of  serums available over-the-counter that deliver the same results, like the Talika Liposils Lash Serum.

Formulated with a blend of natural actives including apple extract, witch hazel and St. John’s Wort, this product promotes regrowth of sparse lashes and stronger, thicker growth of existing hairs. It also amplifies your natural lashes and gives them a bit of curl.

If you’ve already been blessed with long, full lashes, this lash growth serum certainly has the potential to lengthen and volumize what nature gave you. That makes it possible to skip mascara altogether. The results will be noticeable — but don’t expect to look like you got eyelash extensions.

Simply use the brush or angled sponge tip to apply the serum from root of your lashes to the tip, twice a day for 28 days. After that, once a day is enough to maintain results. And that’s the thing – your lashes will return to their pre-Liposils state shortly after discontinuing use, so stock up if you like the results.

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