Lived-In Review: FACE Atelier Lip Products

face atelier lip products
Image courtesy of FACE Atelier

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I know it’s an unorthodox pick, but if you ask which beauty product I’d never leave the house without, for me, it’s my lipstick. Most of my female friends would undoubtedly choose their trusted mascara or maybe a full-coverage concealer, but I am a slave to my lipstick (yes, even if it means rocking dark circles all day), and I rarely stray from my trusted formulas.

But hey, lipstick isn’t like a foundation or even your skincare routine. If anything, it’s the one sector of beauty you should be experimenting with because it’s totally fool-proof, and unlike your base or eye makeup, it wipes off easily without having to start all over if you hate it.

So when I got the opportunity to take a few lip products by luxury cosmetics brand FACE Atelier for a test drive, I decided to opt for hues out of my comfort zone. My selects? “14 Karat,” a semi-metallic matte gold with some serious staying power, and one of my new go-to shades, “Jolie,” a true hot pink with a semi-matte finish.

face atelier lip stick

FACE Atelier also sent along samples of two other coveted lip products: their Lip Putty stick and their roll-on Lip Lock. The Lip Putty stick is a translucent, whitish-hued lip filler that glides over your lips and helps to fill in fine lines while adding moisture to your pout. Think of it like a foundation primer for your lips.

The Lip Lock is truly a genius products — it’s a clear liquid that gently rolls over your lipstick after you’re done applying, and dries it down to ensure it lasts through meals and maybe even after a kiss or two. I’ve used this product a few times during nights out, and it truly does keep your lips in place for at least 6-7 hours, even if you’ve been drinking, eating, etc. It almost freezes your lipstick in place, without mattifying the formula too much or drying out your mouth.

Lip Atelier lipstick

While both shades I tested were matte, they certainly weren’t drying or uncomfortable on the lips. In fact, they felt moisturizing and hydrating, almost like wearing a lightweight lip balm. They’re super pigmented with a stellar color pay off, and they’re pretty long-lasting (about 4-5 hours) though not transfer-proof like a liquid lipstick.


Face Atelier Lipstick Image courtesy of FACE Atelier


FACE Atelier Lipstick Image courtesy of FACE Atelier

FACE Atelier Lip Lock Image courtesy of Amazon

Face Atelier Lip Putty Image courtesy of FACE Atelier

Our verdict: the lipsticks added just the right pop of color without being uncomfortable or over-exaggerated. The Lip Lock, meantime, was a miracle product we didn’t know we needed — until now. Plus, we like the reasonable price point, the chic packaging and FACE Atelier’s commitment to ethical business and manufacturing practices — everything is made in Canada.

For the celeb-lovers out there, FACE atelier was the official makeup sponsor for Kelly Clarkson and her 2012 Stronger Tour, Madonna’s Confessions Tour, has been seen on Lady Gaga, and regularly supports New York Fashion Week events. What’s not to love?