Thousands Of Women Are Using “Facial Springs” To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

facial hair removal springs
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* The REM Spring is a revolutionary way to rid your face of unwanted hair
* Kinder to your skin and simpler to use than both shaving and waxing
* Design is lightweight and travel-friendly – great for on-the-go maintenance

Deciding on the most effective hair removal method for your unwanted facial hair can feel like picking the lesser of many evils. Shaving can be challenging and cause hair to grow back thicker and more coarse. On the other hand, waxing is extremely painful and leaves your skin sensitive for days. For these reasons, it is no surprise that thousands of ladies are turning to a new form of facial hair removal – the facial spring.

The R.E.M. Spring is the original facial spring and offers you a safer and healthier way to get rid of problematic facial hairs. It’s ideal for use on your cheeks, nose, neck, chin and around your lips. Plus, it’s made from a 100% professional-grade stainless steel, which means no plastics or additional harmful chemicals were a part of the design process, and it’s built to last.

3 years
Hi, sometimes I happen to think about it, is waxing or epilating the first time gonna be...

3 years
Hi, sometimes I happen to think about it, is waxing or epilating the first time gonna be…

hair removal reinvented women using facial springs R.E.M.Image courtesy of Amazon

To work the spring, you simply bend the sides downwards in an inverted U shape, then place it against the area of skin where you have unwanted facial hair. Twisting the handles in a continuous motion along with moving it up and down will work to pull the hair from your skin – including the shortest and very finest of hairs. And what’s even better is that you feel nothing. The sensation is just a slight tingling as the hairs are pulled from the root.

The mild nature of the spring and simple method of use means that it’s great for all types of skin, including those with sensitive skin. And it doesn’t require a second person or going to a salon. In addition, the facial spring doesn’t cause any wrinkles or pigmentation problems over time.

Furthermore, one of the best advantages about the R.E.M. Spring is its size. It’s ideal for home use as well as carrying in your purse or handbag for any facial hair emergencies whilst you are on the go. It comes with a cute pink travel pouch for discreteness and easy transport.

Super affordable at under $20, the Facial Spring has a 4+ star rating from more than 1600 customers online.

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