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Find Out The Secret to a Stunning, Flawless Manicure

* Dries rapidly for quick use 
* Very fast and easy-to-use application 
* Protects polish from any smudges, dents and scratches

Up-keeping grooming routines and keeping your nails perfectly manicured can sometimes be a daunting task. Going to the nail salon regularly can be a bit more convenient, but eventually, regular trips can add up and become costly. Save yourself the trouble and work your own magic at home with Essie Quick-E Fast Drying Drops to create the ultimate, flawless manicure.

Use this finisher product to help polish your nails to perfection. For best use, Essie recommends four steps for ideal nail health as well as the ultimate manicure.

First, hydrate your nail with an

. Secondly, the next step is to prep your nails with an Essie base coat or treatment. Essie nail professionals then recommend applying two coats of your preferred color nail polish. After applying a top coat, these Quick-E Fast Drying Drops will do the trick to help your nails dry fast and easily after application. Your manicure will stay refined and unblemished with this top secret trick.

As Essie has been a beloved salon brand since 1981, its on-trend color palette as well as care and finisher products have been proven to ensure beautiful results. From this established nail brand, this simple product from Essie can help any manicure last as long as possible. These fast drying drops are made to set any nail polish with a quick dry formula for the utmost protection against nicks and scratches on your nails. By applying one or two simple drops to each nail, you can have salon-perfect nails without the cost or hassle of well, actually going to the salon.

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