Keep Your Feet Groomed So Your S.O. Doesn’t Cringe Every Time You Take Your Socks Off

cracked heels treatment moisturizing socks
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* Gain the upper hand in foot care
* Professional grooming tools to soothing foot soaks
* Plus, how to prevent dry skin around your ankles

You’ve set the mood with candles, ordered in some wine and cheese, and listened to your favorite bleak podcast together, and just as things are heating up and you’re about to get into bed, it happens. He takes off his socks. You gaze and sniff in horror at the pair of hobgoblins he calls feet. And it’s as if some kid on Sabrina had cast the wrong spell: instead of enchantment, a musty smell drifts over you, and you think of things like school locker rooms… and Camembert.

Don’t be this guy. Keep your feet groomed so you don’t wind up accidentally banishing romance. Here are some handy shortcuts.

1. Callus Remover

This pro-level pedicure tool does what it sounds like. For smooth, youthful and not-crusty looking feet, sand some of the rough edges down with one of these.

Callus Shaver Courtesy Amazon

2. Manicure Pedicure Set

It’s a lot easier to take care of your feet when you’ve got the right tool for the job. A good, high quality mani-pedi set can really elevate your at-home foot care routine. This handsome set is super portable too, so you can take it with you on your next beach vacation — and trim those toenails before hitting the sand.

mani pedi at home set Courtesy Amazon

3. Cracked Heel Treating Socks

Infused with Aloe and made with breathable ventilation mesh, these gel-filled heel “spa socks,” promise some relief for dry, cracked heel and ankle skin. Slip them on while you lounge around or wear them to bed to give you feet a refresh.

Moisturizing heel socks Courtesy Amazon

4. Tea Tree and Epsom Salt Soak

Give your feet a real rejuvenating spa treatment and keep the specter of fungus far away with this tea tree oil soak. It might just give you… happy feet. No, not like the Steve Martin bit.

Tea Tree Foot Soak Courtesy Amazon

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