This Handcrafted Lip Balm is All You Need for a Naturally Supple Kisser

Fig + Yarrow Lip Balm: Hydrate

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* Handcrafted and made in small batch
* Naturally tinted with Alkanet root
* Can double as a blush

This summer, don’t forget to keep your pout protected from the heat and humidity. Our pick: the organic Rose + Vanilla Lip Blush from Fig + Yarrow.

Packed with natural ingredients, this delicately flavored rose-tinted lip blush balm is a one-stop solution for chapped lips with a kiss of color. Handcrafted with care and made in small batch, Fig + Yarrow gives you the ultimate healing hydration for a naturally supple kisser.

Fig + Yarrow Lip Balm

Just how many nutrients are added into one tin of Rose + Vanilla Lip Blush? Let’s just say the folks at Fig + Yarrow didn’t hold back on the antioxidant goodness. A few key ingredients include organic avocado seed oil that makes for a wonderful emollient and contains an abundance of key vitamins essential for skin nourishment.

Nutrient-dense rosehip oil offers key youth enhancing benefits comprising of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene. The waxes are made from the ruby red root of the Alkanet plant that gives off a natural rosy tint.

If last minute plans pop up and you’re without makeup, you’re in luck. The Rose + Vanilla Lip Blush also doubles as a blush; simply press the lip balm lightly to your cheeks and blend for an ethereal flush.

You can also build application on your lips to enhance pigment to give your face warmth and color in just seconds. Keep your pout healthy and happy by applying Fig + Yarrow ruby-rose-tint lip balm for everyday maintenance and protection from the elements.

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