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Add a Rubber Mask to Your Skincare Routine

* Dermatologist-tested for top notch quality
* A sheet mask and molded mask hybrid
* Made in Korea from Dr. Jart’s skincare line

Having firm, moisturized skin is one of the most coveted traits when it comes to beauty and skincare. Although there are multiple ways to help keep your appearance youthful, nothing is more effective than using a dermatologist-approved mask to ensure soft, refined, sensational skin. This Dr. Jart Dermask Rubber Mask is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to help reveal beautiful skin in a fast, effective way.

You’re already familiar with the sheet masks, popularized by the Korean skincare regime and beloved by bloggers and celebs alike. What you may not have tried is a rubber mask, like this one. A hybrid between a nourishing sheet mask and a thicker molded mask (I.e. a mud mask or clay mask), this intensive rubber mask from Dr. Jart is a simple way to help reveal your face in a fresh, new aesthetic.

To use: start by prepping your face with the included ampoule – a supercharged serum that boosts and preps your skin. Then, lay the rubber mask over your face and press and pull into place. Leave the firming mask on for up to 40 minutes for a new and polished look. The mask works by lifting and tightening your face, leaving a long-lasting refreshing effect. The process is seamless and painless, which means you can enjoy pampering yourself on a comfortable night at home.

Available in three additional mask types, including Moisture Lover, Bright Lover and Clear Lover, the Dr. Jart masks work to help tighten and refine your skin to its utmost glowing potential.

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Established in 2005, Dr. Jung and Chin Wook Lee came together to create the Dr. Jart line of skincare. The renowned skincare brand first made its mark with its BB cream the following year, and has since come out with a diverse selection of essential skincare products including various face masks.

Treat yourself to an exceptional, relaxing experience that results in irresistible skin. Give your face the makeover it truly deserves with the Dr. Jart Dermask Firming Rubber Face Mask.

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