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This Unisex “Skin Tint” Is Like An Instagram Filter in a Bottle

* No makeup makeup for men and women
* Evens out discoloration, acne scars, blemishes and more
* Light formula that won’t feel greasy or caked on

When it comes to evening out your skin with makeup, your options are endless. From tinted moisturizers to full coverage foundations (and everything in between), depending on the state of your skin at the time, there is a product that will work for you.

On those days when our skin is looking extra or when we need fast and easy skin blurring, we turn to Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint. One of their most popular products in the beauty world right now, this “no makeup makeup” is an “imperceptible” wash of color that leaves your skin looking toned, smooth and all over flawless. What it won’t do is hide your freckles, clog your pores or leave any evidence that you are in fact, wearing makeup.

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Not only is this tint the perfect wash of color, but it is also tech-savvy as well. Since it’s reformulation a few months back, it auto-fits to the skin with improved film-formers to help create a soft, hydrating veil on top of the skin. An improved pigment treatment has also been added to prevent shade-warping over time so you can be assured the color you apply in the morning is the same color you apply six months down the road.

With application as simple as throwing on a moisturizer, the skin tint is ideal for men as well. This breathable, ultra-thin formula can also be used to cover pimples and acne, hide unsightly redness and blur a cut or scar from shaving.

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