TODAY ONLY: 5 Grooming & Beauty Deals You Need to Know About From Amazon

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Shaving your face? Brushing your teeth? We’re absolutely sure of it — we aren’t living in the 1800s. But maybe your toothbrush is getting a little yucky. Or maybe your razor is as dull as a butter knife. That all said, It’s best to keep a couple of extra toiletries in your medicine closet for when you need to replace your most used items in the bathroom. Thankfully, today only on Amazon, you can save big on some top name grooming and beauty brands to replenish all of your back-ups.

Toiletries are no joke. If you don’t buy them at the right time when they’re on sale, they can get pretty expensive. And nobody wants to spend too much money on a toothbrush. It simply ain’t worth it. Luckily some top brands like Oral-B, Crest and Gillette are offering deals up to 50% off so you can stock up and fill that closet as needed.

By saving on these products today, you can also prepare to save big on some of the best stocking stuffers of the year. Giftees would be silly to think that they’re not receiving a refill of razors this holiday season. Like, come on, it’s a Christmas staple.

From the best electric toothbrushes to the best men’s razors money can buy, check out all these amazing Amazon deals below. Remember this offer and today so make sure you get on it before the day’s over.

1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

Nobody wants to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the dentist for teeth whitening when you can just do it at home. While sure, at-home teeth whitening strips are a lot less expensive than the dentist’s office, they’re still kind of pricey. But right now on Amazon, you can save a whopping 42% on Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitestrips and brighten your smile for almost half the original price. These trips remove 14 years of stains to keep your teeth sparkling and brighter than ever. They’re intended to use for 30 minutes a day and last for as long as a year.

SAVE 42%

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Courtesy of Amazon


2. Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Men’s Razor Handle + 5 Refills

Sick and tired of razor burn given by that dull razor you’ve been using for the past year? Well, it’s time for an upgrade with Gillette’s Mach3 Sensitive Razor. Complete with an enhanced-lubricating gel strip, this razor makes for one of the best to use if you suffer from sensitive skin. The blades are extra sharp and provide total comfort to your face and body so you can shave with ease. Each blade is said to last 15 shaves total so that you can get the most out of this product.

30% OFF

Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Men's Razor Handle + 5 Refills Courtesy of Amazon


3. Oral-B Genius X Limited Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush that uses artificial intelligence? We really are living in the future. The Oral-B Genius X Limited Electric Toothbrush is changing the way we brush our teeth. The machine has learned from thousands of human brushing styles to know exactly how you go at it. The toothbrush coaches your brushing to ensure that every area of your mouth is reached evenly. In addition, it applies the right amount of pressure per each specific area of your mouth for a quality clean. You can also connect the device to Bluetooth to accurately understand your cleaning. By saving $100 right now, you’ll be brushing your teeth like you’re living in the year 2121.

50% OFF

Oral-B Genius X Limited Electric Toothbrush Courtesy of Amazon


4. Oral-B Complete Glide Dental Floss Picks

If you aren’t flossing, you are practicing proper oral care. Sorry we had to be the ones to tell you. We know, we know, your dentist tells you all the time, but flossing really is super important. There is so much gunk that gets stuck between our teeth that it’s downright disturbing. Flossing all of the extra particles out is important so you don’t get gingivitis or cavities. These dental picks will help you get the job done effectively and affordably. Now, you can pick up these picks for half off their original price. You’ll get a pack of 75 total for floss after floss after floss.

49% OFF

Oral-B Complete Glide Dental Floss Picks Courtesy of Amazon


5. Gillette Fusion Power Razor Cartridge Five-Bladed Razor Refills

Whether you’re already Gillette-obsessed or plan on purchasing the product in our number 3 spot, these razor refills should help you out for future references. Let’s get real, you don’t need all these right this second, but they are great to have in the cabinet for those last-minute “I need to quickly shave” moments. Don’t act like you haven’t been there, we’re all human. Right now you can get almost half off of these five-bladed razor refills today only. Might as well save while you still can!

48% OFF

Gillette Fusion Power Razor Cartridge Five-Bladed Razor Refills Courtesy of Amazon