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Wow I Can’t Believe these Grooming Products from Target are This Good

* High quality and high design grooming products
* Nature-inspired unique scents
* Part of the “Target Clean” line of products

The Target exclusive line, Goodfellow & Co, used to be solely known for its modern men’s apparel and accessories brand. This past May, however, they added in a new grooming arm to their already booming and successful line.

The product line includes everything from beard oil to hair styling products, face and body washes and colognes with the goal to not only create a one-stop shopping experience but to streamline and simplify everyone’s personal care routine.

These high-quality and high-design products are made with good-for-you ingredients, are free of unwanted chemicals and toxins and have some invigorating yet subtle scents derived from nature.

In addition to the 30+ range of men’s grooming offerings, these products will not only be highly effective but also affordable, with everything coming in at under $16.99.

1. No. 05 Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Wash

The Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Wash is a daily cleanser which includes ingredients such as rice, shiitake and lemon extracts, papaya and vitamin C to minimize pores, protect skin from environmental toxins and reduce acne. In addition, this face wash will exfoliate and clean pores, reduce uneven skin tone and brighten skin. Use twice per day for optimal results.

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2. No. 03 Moroccan Mint & Cedar 2-In-1 Shampoo & Body Wash

The Moroccan Mint & Cedar Shampoo and Body Wash is designed to give you a refreshing feeling all over. The 2-In-1 formula will help simplify your shower routine while giving you a soothing formula that helps provide antioxidants, restore dull hair, moisturize and hydrate your body. Perfect for all hair types, this 2-in-1 also has a unique Moroccan mint scent with fresh floral and coconut notes for a masculine touch.

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3. No. 3 Moroccan Mint & Cedar Face Scrub

The Moroccan Mint & Cedar Face Scrub is made with walnut shells and apricot oil to gently remove dead skin cells while helping soothe and soften skin for a nice, clean texture. This scrub has a fresh Moroccan mint scent and a woody, musky finish and is ideal for normal to oily skin types. Use prior to your Mineral Face Wash (above) about 2-3 times per week.

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4. No. 01 Blue Sage & Tonka Beard Oil

The Blue Sage & Tonka Beard Oil includes organic sweet almond and jojoba oils and vitamin E to soften facial hair, hydrate skin and promote facial hair growth. Made without silicones, sulfates, parabens and dyes, this oil not only feels great but its Tonka-scent with undertones of lime, sage, amber and wood will leave behind a refreshing smell.


5. No. 01 Blue Sage & Tonka Texturizing Fiber

The Blue Sage & Tonka Texturizing Fiber is an easy way to smooth and moisturize your hair while controlling frizz. Made with jojoba esters, vegetable-derived lanolin, glycerin and carnauba wax, this silicone and sulfate-free texturizing hair fiber offers a strong hold with a matte finish for a more natural look. Great for all hair types, it too has the subtle yet masculine Blue Sage and Tonka scent with undertones of amber and woods to keep your hair smelling and looking great.

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