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Don’t Feel Guilty About Buying Gucci’s Newest Men’s Fragrance

* Gucci’s newest fragrance has a smoldering, woody scent
* Created using special blend of scents that remain unchanged throughout the day
* Concoted in France

Gucci is known for being the absolute ultimate in luxury. So it’s no surprise they have created yet another luxurious fragrance, created for a man who defines his own masculinity. Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme is a “modern declaration of self-expression and emancipated sexuality.”

Gucci Guilty Absolute is the newest addition to the Gucci Guilty family of fragrances. Born out of a special collaboration between the creative director, Alessandro Michele and Master Perfumer, Alberto Morillas, Gucci Guilty Absolute embodies the liberated man it is made for, an innovative expression of a men’s woody scent.

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The scent contains a new natural extract discovered by Morillas in the Royal Botanical Gardens archive called goldenwood. The top notes include wood and leather accord which is a nod to the heritage of the Italian fashion house, a middle note of the new goldenwood and base notes of three forms of patchouli oils mixed with vetiver. According to the brand, the fragrance was created using this particular blend of scents to create a structure that remains unchanged from the moment it is applied to the skin, till the moment you wash it off.

And if a new luxury fragrance weren’t enough, the campaign for Gucci Guilty Absolute is represented by actor and singer, Jared Leto. After fronting the successful campaign for Gucci Guilty, Leto has landed a repeat role as the face of their latest addition. The campaign was shot in scenic Venice, Italy and shows Leto peering at his own reflection dressed in, of course, Gucci.

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