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Seoul Proprietor: The Ultimate SPY Guide to the Best Korean Beauty Products

* Korean beauty products have taken the West by storm
* Intensive, multi-step skincare routines and unusual ingredients are at the crux of K-beauty
* Sheet masks, cleansing sticks, serums, and hair treatments

Korean beauty and skincare products have taken over the Western beauty scene over the past couple of years. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the K-beauty template is marked by eye-catching ingredients like donkey milk and snail mucus, and irresistibly cute packaging.

The “trend” has endured, however, because so many of these unusual products actually work. From the ever-popular, essence-drenched sheet masks to cleansers on a stick, the K-beauty sector is full of fun products to revamp your routine and revitalize your skin. See below for some of our favorite K-beauty classics that have risen to cult-status for a reason.


Cleansers & Toners


If you want your daily face cleanser to feel like a pampering day at the spa, look no further than the buzz-worthy SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. It makes for a welcomed companion after the gym, when traveling and as a gentle, everyday cleanser.

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Koreans have perfected the soft, clean, blemish-free face, thanks to their use of unusual ingredients and good old fashioned discipline. Many Koreans follow a 10-step skincare routine, which begins with cleansing and ends with a series of skin-enhancing treatments. See the stories below to find out our favorites for achieving a flawless canvas.

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From sheet masks, to creams, to peel offs, masks are undoubtedly a K-beauty staple that offer an effective and instant way to spruce up your complexion in a pinch. See below for our favorite Korean masks to give your skin an instant refresh.


See below for 9 animal-themed sheet masks that bring a light-hearted approach to some serious skin benefits. These masks will brighten, tighten and make you look like you’ve swiped on a Snapchat filter.

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Bee Venom

While ingredients like bee venom and snail mucin may sound at worst, like natural poisons to be avoided, and at best, well, just a bit icky, we’re here to assure you they’re neither. Bee venom tricks the skin into believing it’s been stung, increasing the production of collagen and blood circulation. Get more details and shop below.

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Wacky-sounding ingredients have long been employed in the quest for gorgeous skin, from crocodile poop in ancient Egypt to bee venom in modern times. Get ready to add to that list donkey milk, the newest Korean beauty secret.

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While Koreans are hyper-focused on their skin, they don’t let their locks go neglected either. Find out more details about this new self-heating hair mask that promises to nourish and repair your hair below.

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Splash Masks

Most sheet masks or mud masks require at least 5-10 minutes to get results, but there’s a new crop of “masks” that get the job done in literally 15 seconds. Enter the Korean beauty “splash masks” by Blithe, leading the wave in innovation. Intrigued? See link below for more details.

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