The Gentleman’s Three-Step Guide To Eyebrow Grooming

The Gentleman's Three-Step Guide To Eyebrow
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* Step-by-step guide to brows for guys
* How to style and clean them up, whatever your style
* No in-depth tutorials required

Guys, your eyebrow grooming doesn’t have to be a lowbrow comedy of errors. And you don’t have to watch a thousand YouTube tutorials either. Whether you’re going for a sharp, defined look or a rugged, bushy look, here are some simple things you can do to get consistent, well-shaped brows.

1. Brush and Cut

That’s right, you’re apparently supposed to brush your eyebrows. Gently brush them upwards with a mascara brush – for the makeup-naive, that’s the pipe-cleaner looking thing in your girlfriend’s makeup case. Next, use some precision scissors to cut any extra stragglers. This will give you a clean, natural shape.

This set from Amazon is well-reviewed and gives you a safe, comfortable, stable grip – very important when you’ve shoving tools that close to your eyes. The set also gives you a twofer, with a set of scissors and a brush included.

scissor and mascara brush Courtesy Amazon

2. Trim for Volume

Next, decide on the volume and shape you’d like and use a good trimmer to give your eyebrows some definition. This best-selling set is from Philips, a brand that knows a thing or two about grooming. We like the rechargeable battery, the wide grip and the interchangeable heads, that get you different lengths depending on how thick (or thin) you want your brows to be.

Eyebrow Trimmer Courtesy Amazon

3. Clean it Up

Finally, give the ol’ caterpillars the once-over with a set of tweezers. Use these to get the stray hairs in between, above and/or outside the brows.

Tweezers eyebrow Courtesy Amazon

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