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Defy Damage With This “Liquid Gold” Hair Treatment

* Multi-use hair oil with beautiful fragrance
* Argon oil-based formula with jojoba, chamomile and Omega 6
* Encased in beautiful 2.1 fl oz. glass bottle 

While our bodies naturally produce oils to help keep hair strong and healthy, daily grooming habits including over-shampooing, heat styling and coloring hair can wreak havoc, causing unsightly split ends and leaving hair dry, brittle, and resistant to growth. Naturally-produced hair oils contain fat lipids which help to keep hair strong by acting as binding agents that induce normal growth. When we wash and style our hair, these oils are either stripped or burned away, resulting in damaged hair fibers.

One of the best ways to restore your hair’s health and to achieve that coveted soft-to-the-touch look, is by incorporating a dry oil into your haircare routine. Dry hair oils work to protect and improve the condition of the hair by mimicking the naturally-occurring oils. Our favorite hair oil is SHOW Beauty’s Pure Treatment Oil. Also known as “liquid gold” to countless celebrity hair stylists and colorists, this product’s rich yet lightweight leave-in formula will have your hair looking as shiny and soft as virgin hair without weighing down volume.

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SHOW Pure Treatment Oil has an argon oil base, supplemented with Omega 6 fatty acids, the ultra-moisturizing jojoba seed and soothing chamomile for those with sensitive scalps. The Omega 6 fatty acids help to repair damage and breakage by acting as a substitute for the natural lipids our hair produces, leaving your locks feeling stronger, thicker and thoroughly conditioned. This hair elixir also contains coffee extract, thought to improve circulation on the scalp and stimulate quicker hair growth.

SHOW’s Pure Treatment Oil is a triple threat. This multi-purpose product not only functions as a restorative treatment, but it can also be used as heat styling protector or finishing serum after styling or a blowout.

Not only does this hair product look like a luxury fragrance, but it also smells like one too. SHOW Beauty creator Tamara Ecclestone worked alongside renowned perfume house, Givaudan to create a subtle scent to add to the products in her collection and the result is a delicate blend of vanilla, patchouli and almond butter that’s memorable without being overpowering.

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