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Sephora Has a $30 “Hair Turban” That Promises To Cut Down Drying Time and Prevent Frizz and Breakage

* Here’s how to get less frizz after washing your hair
* Use this to do less damage to hair
* Hands-free drying

While this may not be news to some, it is important to note that when it comes to getting smoother, fast-drying and frizz-free hair, the key is to start with your towel. And not just any towel will do.

Aquis is the original hair turban that uses a proprietary, lightweight and ultra-absorbent fabric to wick away water quickly and gently, which helps to speed up drying time. They have recently teamed up with Sephora to create a limited-edition version of this best-selling towel, which uses the same exclusive, ultra-lightweight Aquitex technology that works to rapidly dry hair.

The Aquis+Sephora Striped Lisse Luxe Hair Turban’s rapid drying ability will help keep your hair shiny and protected while minimizing any damage to your hair. Because the less time spent applying direct heat on your hair (and scalp) the better.

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Image Courtesy Sephora

The towel is super-light and comfortable, made from ultra-fine fibers that are split into strands thinner than silk which won’t grab and damage hair cuticles like a regular, cotton bath towel. It works to quickly grab water away from the hair bringing it to an evenly damp state which is ideal for stying and heat use without friction. Designed with a patented shape and button loop closure, this towel wraps snugly on your head and will stay comfortable while drying, leaving you hands-free and looking chic.

Drying your hair with the Aquis hair towel not only cuts down drying time by 50% but will also control frizz and breakage, giving you the smoothest hair of your dreams. Reviewers like it because it works on all hair types, and for men and women. They say it’s also great for dreadlocks!

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