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$20 Head Lube Is a Thing and Here’s Why You Should Be Slathering It On

* Natural moisturizing head lube
* With tea tree oil and shea butter
* Works as aftershave and body lotion, too

Don’t let the name fool you, this “head lube,” isn’t a product for your car’s camshaft, nor is it to help you squeeze your noggin into extra small hats, though, as it does moisturize and add soothing, anti-flaking ingredients, we suppose it could help with this. But this “head lube” is basically an aftershave that doubles as a scalp conditioner. It also makes a great body lotion. It’s made with tea tree oil and shea butter extracts to help give your skin a natural glow.

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You can use Head Lube on your dome, of course, but you can also apply it to anywhere you shave. It’s especially helpful for those who have coarser or thicker natural beard growth or sensitive skin.

It helps prevent that “ashy” flaking that can easily happen when you shave in a hurry. For bald guys, head lube can help you give your scalp a clean, moisturized and youthful shine. It also helps for shaved and buzzed hairstyles, keeping your stubble in top form. And if you like the Head Lube, you should also check out the brand’s other products!


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