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This $17 HeadBlade Looks Like a Jet Ski For Shaving Your Hair

PROS: Wear this razor like a ring on your finger to groom your hair
CONS: Won’t work for every hair style and won’t be as accurate as a real barber
TAKEAWAY: Easy way to maintain closely cropped and bald hairstyle

Keeping your head shaved and smooth isn’t always an easy task. First reason why is you have to groom 270-degrees of your dome, the back of which you can’t see. The second reason it’s so tough is because standard shaving razors aren’t designed to work at all angles. They’re designed to shave your face and that’s about it. Enter the HeadBlade Moto Men’s Shaving Razor, which was invented to make it easy for you to shave all over, with ease.

You’ll immediately notice that it looks like no razor you’ve ever seen before. Instead of a handle, it has a ring that slips around your finger for you to effortlessly pull along in any direction. It looks like a jet ski gliding over waves of stubble, pivoting and turning for complete coverage. The Moto has a dual-axis suspension that allows it to roll into turns and hug the shaving surface, ensuring the smoothest shave possible, but without all the nicks and cuts. You’ll also love how the narrow body makes shaving around your ears a breeze.

Add all these features up and you can see why it won a Red Dot Design Award. And yes, it works just as well on your face. You can even use it to groom other parts of your body. Basically, it’s a manscaper’s best friend. But, it’s not just for men. The Moto is ideal for keeping long legs smooth and lovely, too. And when the razor gets dull, you can quickly replace it.