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Here’s How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Post-Workout Sweat Bumps on Your Forehead & Chest

* Sweat can trap bacteria and excess oil in your pores, creating sweat pimples
* Sweat pimples are also known as heat rash, milaria or sweat bumps
* Prevent sweat pimples by adding cleansing and exfoliating to your skin routine

Exercise is great for you. It helps you stay in shape, lose weight and maintain mental clarity. However, the excessive sweating that goes along with working out can cause some issues, especially for the skin. One such problem are sweat bumps. These pimple-like developments are caused when sweat traps dead skin, bacteria and excess oil in your pores. Like any type of acne breakout, trapped pores then create an environment where bacteria multiply, thus creating inflammation.

Sweat bumps can also be called sweat pimples, heat rash or milaria (not to be confused with malaria). Most often these bumps occur in areas with the most sweat glands, like your forehead. Luckily, treatment for this type of heat rash is fairly straightforward and begins with your skin care routine.

If you commonly develop sweat bumps, make sure you shower after exercising and wash your gym clothes after every workout. In addition, amp up your skin care routine with extra cleansing sessions and a bit of exfoliation. Clearing out your pores is definitely the best way to avoid embarrassing sweat pimples. Check out these skin care hacks and solutions before your next trip to the gym.

1. ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub


helps remove dirt and oil build ups from the skin to prevent sweat bumps at the root of the cause. In addition, this caring scrub provides nourishing exfoliation, restores and feeds skin cells and leaves you with a brighter, healthier complexion. It’s also vegan friendly and sulphate, paraben and cruelty free.

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2. Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads


are ideal for keeping in your gym bag for after workout skin cleansing. Each pad has been formulated with a range of herbal extracts and essential oils to effectively clean your skin and leave it feeling refreshed. By removing oil and dirt build ups from the skin’s surface, they can prevent and minimize breakouts, unclog pores and also aid in treating existing blemishes on the skin, too.

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3. Humane Clarifying Toner

Using a chemical exfoliant is one of the best ways to remove dead skin and bacteria from your pores. This

contains salicylic acid 2% (BHA) to create new cell growth for a smooth complexion. It also includes green tea to promote collagen production and reduces inflammation. Together, these ingredients create a powerhouse exfoliator for keeping sweat bumps at bay.

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4. Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer

Although not obvious, spa-like facial steaming can definitely help treat your recurring heat rash. By exposing your pores to the steam, you force them to open. This allows you to better remove trapped sweat and dirt, leaving you with super clean skin. The

has adjustable steam levels and an auto off function to keep you and your home safe.

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5. FRÉ Purify Me Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Developed specifically for post-workout use, the

 prevents and treats breakouts of sweat pimples. It also works to de-stress and rebalance your skin’s pH. In addition to cleaning your skin, this cleanser provides deep yet gentle exfoliation with jojoba beads, thereby removing dead cells, impurities and oil for a clearer complexion. As an added benefit, FRÉ is completely vegan and cruelty free.

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