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Hello Kitty Helps Repair Damaged Skin

* Peter Thomas Roth gel mask
* Features cutting-edge plant stem cell technology
* For limited time, purchase it in this Hello Kitty packaging

If anyone’s the model of youth, it’s Hello Kitty — 43 years old, and she hasn’t aged a day. This may be why she’s the face of Peter Thomas Roth’s new Rose Repair Gel Mask in this limited-edition packaging.

The Rose Repair Gel Mask is designed to repair aged, damaged or dehydrated skin. Using cutting-edge plant stem cell technology, it works to repair wrinkles and fine lines while delivering moisture. The gel has a cooling sensation when applied to the skin, for a refreshing feel that works to repair strengthen your skin while you relax.

The gel also contains rose extract, which helps to stimulate skin cell production. Peter Thomas Roth’s collection is designed for both men and women, regardless of your age or ethnicity. Simply apply a coat of this gel to clean skin, allow it to sit for ten minutes, then rinse off with water. Or, for a more intense treatment, refrigerate the gel, apply a thin layer, and leave it on overnight. This pink mask also features aloe vera, so it’s perfect for dry or sun damaged skin this summer.

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