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Henry Rose Just Released Its First Hand Sanitizer, And It’s the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for 2020

Michelle Pfeiffer has created the best stocking stuffer of the season. Well, it’s not just Michelle Pfeiffer who created it, but rather her fragrance company Henry Rose.  The fragrance company makes sophisticated unisex colognes that are shaking up the fragrance industry with a radical idea — tell customers what’s actually in the bottle. Crazy, right?

Now, Henry Rose is providing an upscale alternative to Germ-x and Purell, which dry out your hands and leave them smelling like rubbing alcohol. The Henry Rose Jake’s House hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of common germs, is EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified, and is based on the safest ingredients. More importantly, it also smells extraordinarily good. The base of the hand sanitizer is the brand’s popular Jake’s House fragrance, which has a “watery clean freshness” with notes of “honeyed neroli.”

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Courtesy of Henry Rose

These days you can’t leave the house without two things: a face mask and hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, most hand sanitizers are chock full of harsh chemicals. While they do the job, they can also wreck your skin. After weeks of using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, your hands can feel and sometimes look like weather-beaten dragon claws. Yes, you want to fight off (possibly) deadly germs in the COVID-19 era, but do you have to sacrifice your mitts to do that? Henry Rose doesn’t think so. Mixed in with the fragrance ingredients (fresh marine, neroli, jasmine, peony, ambrox, and musk) is aloe vera and glycerin, and of course alcohol. The hand sanitizer’s formula is balanced to moisturize your hands while it also protects you from viruses and bacteria.

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Why did an award-winning actress like Pfeiffer dive into the world of fragrance? Pfeiffer sits on the board of the EWG, and she became aware that many perfume companies were not transparent with their ingredients.

“I had given up wearing fragrance altogether, and I missed it,”  she said in a recent press release. “I finally decided to create a line that could compete with other premium fragrances in the marketplace, but was fully transparent with its ingredients and didn’t feel like a compromise.”

This past summer the company released its seventh fragrance, Smyth. Other fragrances include Queens & Monsters, Last Light, Torn, Fog and Dark Is Night. SPY recently named the Henry Rose Discovery Sets one of the Best Gifts for Her for Christmas, but these unisex fragrances can work for anyone. And in 2020, a moisturizing hand sanitizer is basically the perfect present. The hand sanitizer’s sleek and sexy black 50ml container is made with fully recyclable 100% post-consumer recycled bottles and caps. When you’re finished with it, just place the bottle in with your recyclables.

For this holiday season, spread the cheer and aromas of Henry Rose Jake’s House hand sanitizer. At only $10 a pop, it’s one of the season’s best stocking stuffers.

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Courtesy of Henry Rose