From Food To Skin Care, Here’s Why Pink Himalayan Salt is Completely Badass

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* Himalayan salt is a healthier alternative to your average table salt
* Great for natural digestion, maintaining your body’s pH and hair and skin care
* Comes in a raw form as well as scrubs, soaks and a fine grain

You may think that white, processed table salt is as good as it gets and all that you need. After all, with its widespread use in food and constant presence on the dinner table, what could be better? Well, the answer to that is a salt that is mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan – better known as Pink Himalayan Salt.

This salt alternative is easily identified by its pink color and comes with a range of uses and health benefits not offered by your average sodium chloride. Some of the benefits you may see by consuming this unrefined and near pure form of salt include improved natural digestion, sleep induction and a more balanced body pH. Plus, the mined salt doesn’t suffer from environmental toxins you might find in sea salt.

This versatile salt doesn’t just get consumed, either. It can be used in a range of other products, including relaxing lamps and homemade body scrubs. Try switching out your average salt for this beneficial salt option and discover the positive effects inside and out.

1. Himalania Fine Pink Sea Salt

This 10 oz. jar is filled with pink salt, which has been hand harvested from the Himalayas. Its unpolluted and unrefined production ensures that you get all the of the natural goodness without any environmental toxins. In fact, trace elements and minerals give Himalayan pink salt its color. This jar is an ideal gift for people who love to cook as the salt is easily added to your food.

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2. Method Body Wash Pure Peace

Composed from rose water, peony and pink salt, the Method Pure Peace Body Wash offers a naturally derived formula that’ll put you in a relaxed mood and keep your skin beautiful. This effective body wash is also completely free from any parabens and phthalates. And, it comes in a bottle that contains 65% recycled plastic to ease your environmental conscience.

himalayan salt pink best uses method body wash Image courtesy of Target


3. Hempz Pink Pomelo and Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub

Made for daily use, the Hempz Pink Pomelo and Sea Salt Scrub is stuffed full of healthy vitamins, including A, C and E, to leave your skin feeling healthy. Simply massage the scrub over your wet skin before fully removing with water. In addition, the included red algae, shea butter and sea water also work to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth after every use.

himalayan salt pink best uses hempz scrub pomelo sea Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak

Perhaps the most relaxing way to take in the goodness from Himalayan salt is through a mineral soak. Dr. Teal’s is easily added to a bath to help you replenish and recharge after a long day or workout. The mineral-rich composition also relieves aches and soreness while the bergamot and sweet orange essential oils add to the stress-relieving capabilities of this relaxing mineral soak.

himalayan salt pink best uses dr. teal's mineral soak restore and replenish Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Cuisinart Himalayan Grilling Salt Stone

The Cuisinart Himalayan Salt Stone provides a simple and delicious way to add a extra flavor to your food during grilling. By placing your steaks, vegetables, scallops or whatever food you want to flavor on top of the stone during cooking, you’ll find it becomes infused with the stone’s tasty saltiness. The attractive pink stone is also an original and unique way to present food to your guests.

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6. Urban Luxe Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Proving that Himalayan salt is truly as versatile as people suggest, this Urban Luxe lamp makes for an attractive and eye-catching decor piece. The lamp itself has been hand -hiseled from the pink mineral, and when lit, it radiates a relaxing glow to be enjoyed any time of the day. It’s a great gift for anyone who could use a relaxing element at home. Which is everyone, right?

himalayan salt pink best uses lamp urban luxe Image courtesy of Nordstrom


7. dpHue Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub

This dpHue Apple Cider Vinegar Scrub works through your hair to exfoliate your scalp, remove excess product and rid it of any dead skin cells. In addition to the apple cider vinegar (which you should totally add to your hair care routine), the scrub also includes Himalayan salt to give the product a coarse feel. This helps in the exfoliating and removal effects of the dpHue scrub. To maintain colored hair, avocado oil and aloe vera are added to the mix. These ingredients also soothe your scalp for a pleasant and relaxing feeling after every use.

himalayan salt pink best uses dpHue apple cider vinegar scalp scrub Image courtesy of Nordstrom

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