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Say Hello to Smooth With This One “Touch” Hair Reduction Device

* An FDA-approved device that promises up to 94% reduction in hair
* Uses painless technology to treat legs, arms, face and bikini line
* Works on all skin tones and hair colors, even blondes and reds

If you’re considering pricey laser hair removal treatments, why not invest in your own hair reduction machine first? Cheaper in the long run, the iluminage TOUCH promises up to a 94% hair reduction in just seven weeks.

The device uses patented, FDA-approved technology to treat legs, arms, face, underarms and the bikini line in all skin tones and hair colors, even blondes and reds.

For use at home, you must first wax or shave the area you are treating. Then turn on the device and select your desired level of intensity (low to high). Treatment is as easy as gliding the wide TOUCH head over your skin. There’s no stamping involved.

During each session, you should cover each patch of skin 3 times. Do this once a week for seven weeks to see massive results. Once you’ve reached the end of your treatment, be sure to keep your machine for periodic touch-ups as needed.

The best part of TOUCH is that it’s completely painless. The hair reduction device utilizes dual wave IPL and RF technology, which doesn’t cause the pinching or burning that other devices do.

At iluminage, the creators of the TOUCH, they believe that beauty should be smart and simple. The company creates ground-breaking treatments and devices designed for at-home treatments that would normally require a trip to the clinic.

Before starting on your hair removal journey, give the TOUCH a try. You’ll be surprised by how little you need to wax or shave once you’ve finished the treatment.

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