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Achieve Pedicure Perfection With The Stedi Pedi

* The Stedi Pedi provides an easy way to perform at home pedicures
* You’ll never have to pay for another expensive salon pedi again
* Includes an attachable light to provide extra illumination during your toe work

If you’re like most people, you’ve painted your own toes before. The final product may have looked fine, but it just wasn’t the same as a professional pedicure. Maybe you accidentally painted your skin after an ill-timed slip, or you found achieving a full covering of the toenail on your awkwardly positioned foot just a little beyond your capabilities.

All in all, at-home pedicures can be a tough task. But, help is at hand (or foot) in the form of the

, an innovative foot rest designed specifically to solve your DIY pedi woes.

The unique device allows you to choose the most secure and comfortable position for your foot in order to give you the ideal canvas for a successful pedicure. Once you have opened the Stedi Pedi, the anchor plate can slide under any sofa or mattress to provide a sturdy foot rest. It can also be used on the floor or any bench so long as you’re sitting on top of the anchoring plate.

For additional convenience, the handy Stedi Pedi also comes with a flexible LED light to provide additional illumination as you work on your toes. That way you’ll be sure to get a full covering on each nail. And, if you feel you want to really deck out your Stedi Pedi, you can also add a handy fan to cut your fingernail drying times and a lit magnifier to give you a better view.

The intelligent, foldable design makes storing your Stedi Pedi super easy, while the built-in storage space means you can keep all of your pedi items together inside. You also never need to worry about drips as the Stedi Pedi features a pull out drip tray, so your floors will remain clean and polish-free.

It’s time to say goodbye to expensive salon pedicures and become the master of your own toes with this helpful foot stand.